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Volunteers: Is the well running Dry

Volunteers, is the well running Dry?

Have you ever thought about becoming a firefighter? You can do it! Even if you don't want to make a career out of it local rural fire departments need volunteers on an as needed/whenever you can make it basis. 


I recently came across the cartoon to the left,  drawn by Paul Combs. As i looked at the image i realized how true it is. It seems that the proverbial well for volunteer firefighters is running dry. In other words it seems that these days it is becoming more and more difficult to get good people to come and volunteer than it was in days gone by.


Many think that you have to be extraordinary to join, or that it takes too much time, or maybe that they have to be trained to join. And because of this many departmens miss out on great volunteers. Volunteers are the heart of organizations like ours and they make fire protection a reality in rural areas where there would not otherwise be fire protection.


Over 70 percent of all firefighters are Volunteers and go to fires when they are not working at their full time jobs or otherwise unavailable. These firemen are issued protective equipment and given free training to become firefighters. Anyone can join, and departments all around the country need you! 


Maybe you're thinking "I Can't Do It," or "I Don't Have Time," but you will never know until you try. 


 If you live in the Elderville Lakeport VFD response area call 903-643-3222 and find out how you can volunteer today!


  If you live somewhere else visit http://www.volfire.com/ or Call 1-800-FIRELINE and they can place you in touch with your local Volunteer Fire Department.