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  • Tank Battery Fire 03-28-2014_20
  • Description: Images from a tank battery fire that occurred on 03-28-2014.
  • Structure Fire 04-27-2014_9
  • Description: Images from a Structure fire that occurred on 04-27-2014.
  • Structure Fire 1-28-2014_4
  • Structure Fire 12-25-2010_10

Pump Testing 2013


On 11/07/2013 Lone Star Fire Specialties was on hand to perform annual pump testing, which is required by NFPA and ISO, the organization responsible for providing ratings of fire departments for Insurance Purposes.


Dale Alexander (a firefighter for the city of Arlington, Tx) and his team came to our Central Fire Station to perform the tests minimizing down time and allowing us to avoid taking resources out of service as opposed to going and doing the testing elsewhere. The crew of Lone Star Fire Specialties is experienced and trained in the proper techniques of testing fire apparatus pumps, and delivers accurate test results that could help to determine if there are any issues with our equipment that should be addressed.


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