About Us

ELVFD Engines 2, and 3 with the hot air baloons in the background. 

The Elderville Lakeport Volunteer Fire Department (est 1975) is located in Rusk and Gregg County, between Longview, Tatum, Kilgore, and Henderson. We have a group of dedicated Volunteer Firemen who respond to calls from home whenever they are availible, And Compensated Volunteers who supplement our Volunteers while they are unavailible. The Compensated Volunteers are also responsible for maintaining our stations, and equipment. In addition, we allow Kilgore Fire Academy students from all over the state, and Canada to live at our stations while they are going to school. We have three fire stations, strategically placed to allow optimum response time to residences and businesses in our district. 

ELVFD responds to emergencies such as grass fires, residential and commercial building fires, vehicle accidents and medical emergencies and we are dispatched by Rusk County SO, and the City of Lonview (Gregg County).  If you have an emergency, call 911 and you will be directed to the appropriate dispatch.  

We are always looking for new members so if you live in our fire district, come by our central fire station located on FM 2011 just east of SH 322 and talk to us. We would love to have you on the department and will supply all of the equipment and training needed to become a firefighter.