Engine 1



Engine 1


  • 2010 Pierce Saber (6 Person Cab)
  • Cummins ISL 435HP Diesel Engine
  • Allison Automatic Transmission
  • Pierce PUC 1500 GPM PTO Driven Single Stage Pump
  • Pump and Roll Capability
  • Husky 12 Foam System
  • Hercules CAFS Compressor
  • (3) 1-3/4" Hose Preconnects
  • (1) 2-1/2" Hose Preconnect
  • 1200' 5" LDH
  • Passenger Side LDH Discharge
  • 1000 Gallon Water
  • 20 Gallon Class A Foam Tank
  • 50 Gallon Class B Foam Tank
  • Harrison 8000 Watt Hydraulic Driven Generator
  • Will-Burt Telescoping Light Tower with 4 FRC Quartz Halogen Lights
  • Whelen M Series LED Warning Lights
  • Whelen Freedom Light Bar
  • Whelen Pioneer Plus Series Scene Lights 360°
  • Electric Cord Reel
  • 100' 1" Hose Reel
  • Swing Out Tool Board
  • Out and Down Tool Shelf
  • Twin Slide out Tool Boards
  • Dual 100' Rescue Tool Hose Reels
  • Aluminum Treadplate Hose Bed Cover
  • Top Hatch Compartments


Engine 1 was built by Pierce MFG in Appleton, WI. Based on our specifications. In February 2010, three of our members visited the plant in order to look at the trucks that were being built at the time so that they could see what new options and equipment were availible, and to see what they could build based on what they saw.

They looked at several different styles, cab configurations and truck bodies. While looking at them, they found several trucks that they liked parts of but just weren't what they were looking for.

After a lot of discussion, it was determined that a Pierce PUC pump would be the best suited for the application because of its servicability, and innovative design allowing for more storage space. A rescue body would allow us to have the most storage availible by having larger compartments and upper hatch compartments. When the members made it to the blue room, which is used to inspect new deliveries there was a truck there that seemed to have all of the qualities that they were looking for, and with some adjustmetnts for our needs that truck, from Grand Blanc, Mi was chosen to be used as a model. Some concessions were made, such as the cab was changed to a Saber model. And the height of the vehicle was adjusted to allow for more storage, and a roof mounted telescoping scene light was added. LED scene lights were added and the color of the truck was changed to red.

When all of the specifications were written, from the type of tires used to the type of flashlights to be mounted inside the passenger compartment. The truck was approved and a short time later the truck was being built.

They started by building a cab, from aluminum. All of the pieces are cut by precision computer driven laser cutters, and then brought over to the cab fabrication section (all under one roof), where the parts are placed in a jig which is certified for accuracy. They weld them together and create a sturdy, well built cab that will house all of the instrumentation, controls, and safely seat the firefighters while enroute to a call. Once the cab is finished it is taken to another Pierce factory where it is readied for paint and then painted by very skilled painters. It is then inspected and once accepted it is taken to be mated to its frame.

The rear body with all of the compartments is built in a similar fashion. It is welded together, painted, and then readied to be mated with the truck frame. All of the compartment doors are installed, and the reflective chevron is added to the rear.



Shown Here the cab has been mated to the frame, the drivetrain is installed, and the pump can be seen just underneath the cab. To the right, there is a Pierce PUC Pump outside of a truck. It is designed to go over the frame rails of a chassis. On the front of it, a PTO Shaft attatches to a PTO on the bell housing of the transmission.


Shown here as a completed truck, you can see that all of the accessories have been installed, the electronics are in place and aside from the graphics, the truck is ready to go.

From the time that the truck was discussed as a possibility of being purchased, completed truck, it has been less than 10 months. Most of which was spent in the design and planning phases of the build. As the truck was completed it was obvious that quality and pride were put into the completion. All of the Pierce factory employees worked meticulously and carefuly to produce a top quality apparatus that will serve the department for many years to come. With the efforts put in to design and build this truck it will meet all of the needs of the department and serve the needs of the community extenguishing fires, and rescuing people from vehicle accidents, plus just about everything else.