Frequently Asked Questions About

the Knox Box Program



  • Is it Secure?

  • The Knox Box is very sturdy and made of metal, when mounted properly, the effort to remove the Knox Box, and break the Knox Box open to obtain the door key from inside would typically require more effort than breaking into the residence or business in a more traditional way such as breaking the glass or forcing the door open.
  • Who has the key to my home or business?


  • Your Key is stored in a Heavy Duty Commercial Knox Box Key Vault or Knox Home Box key box which is mounted on your building or on your entry door(for residential versions.)


    These durable metal key boxes are designed to resist tampering and when mounted properly will prove to be more difficult to access than the building itself with normal means of forced entry.


    The fire department has the only master key which is unique to the department itself.


  • How does it work?

  • When the fire department is dispatched to an emergency at your home or business and the door is locked. The fire department can use a special master key to open the Knox Box or Knox Home Box and use the Key that is Stored Inside to open the building without causing any unnecessary damage.
  • Where should I put my Knox Box?


    Typically you should install your Knox Box near the door where it is visible by responders. The Knox box should be mounted low enough that it is within reach of the responding personnel so that they can quickly access the keys to gain entry into the building.

  • How do I buy a Knox Box for my Home or Business?

  • To Buy a Knox Box for your Business, go to the Knox Website and order online. Make sure that you select Elderville Lakeport VFD, Inc as your department when ordering.
  • To Buy a Knox Home Box for your home, go to the Knox Home Box Website and order online. 
  • Make sure that you select Elderville Lakeport VFD, Inc as your department when ordering. You can also call 1-855-GET-KNOX to order by phone.


  • Can I use the Knox Home Box for my Business?


    No. While the Knox Home Box is secure and adequate for residential use, it is not made or recommended for commercial businesses. If a Home Box is purchased for business use, we are not allowed to place your key in it.

  • Can I buy a Knox Box for my Family Member?

  • Yes, If your family member lives in our fire department area, you can order a Knox Box for them. Once it arrives and is installed, they can call us to lock the key in the box for them.
  • Can the fire department enter my property whenever they want?


    In order to access the Knox Key our members must enter a unique code that is unique to the member. The date/time that the key is accessed, date/time returned and who accessed the key is then recorded by the device and that information can be downloaded for review. This ensures that tight control of the Knox Key is kept and no unauthorized access is made.

    The department will not use your Knox Box unless we are called to the location for an emergency. Additionally All of our members must pass a criminal history background check and drug test prior to joining the department.


  • Does the fire department make money on sales of Knox Box?


    No, the department does not receive money or compensation from the sale of Knox Boxes. 


    Am I required to have a Knox Box?


    You are not required to have a Knox Box if you have residential or commercial property, it is our recommendation that you do participate in the Knox Program in order to ensure rapid, secure access to your building in an emergency.

  • What if I change my Locks?


    In the event that you change your locks, you will need to obtain a spare Key to be placed in the Knox Box or Knox Home Box. Once you have a spare key, contact the fire department to open the Knox Box or Knox Home Box and place the new Key In it.