•  Knox Box Rapid Entry System




    The Elderville Lakeport VFD proudly participates in the Knox Box Rapid Entry System that allows us to quickly, and securely access properties in case of an emergency.



  • What Is it?



    The Knox Box Rapid Entry System is a way for businesses to provide access to the Fire Department in the event of an emergency while maintaining the security of the building. It involves a Secure key storage box called a Knox Box that is installed on the exterior of the building.

    This box a small safe made of steel that can store entry keys to your building. It has a special lock that only the fire department can access using a unique key that only the fire department has access to.


  • Who is it for?

    The Knox Rapid Entry system is for business owners to provide peace of mind that, in an emergency the fire department can quickly gain access to the building without causing damage to the building.

    Am i required to have a knox box on my business?

    There are currently no ordinances in the area that require you to use a Knox Box on your business, but it is highly recommended that if you do own a business, you install a Knox Box on it.

    What are the Benefits?


    In an emergency such as a fire alarm or fire, when the fire department responds to a commercial building after hours. If there is not an immediate sign of fire or other issue we will try to contact a keyholder to come and open the building and allow us to investigate. If immediate entry is needed, the KeyHolder is unavailable or a long distance away, the fire department will need to force entry into the building and this could cause significant damage to doors and/or windows. The simple act of having a Knox Box can prevent this damage and speed entry into the building.


    How much does it cost?

    The typical Knox Box cost is around $300-350, while the price tag may seem expensive, a commercial glass door or metal door could cost $500-1500 or more.


    How can I buy a Knox Box?


    To Buy a Knox Box for your Business, go to the Knox Website and order online. Make sure that you select Elderville Lakeport VFD, Inc as your department when ordering.



    Knox Frequently Asked Questions